Zebra Kebabs and Al Shabaab – Kenya

During one of my trips to Africa I had the chance to spend some time in Nairobi, Kenya. At the time the US state department had ranked Kenya as a “Level 4- Avoid All Travel” country. However I needed to go there and I personally think the state department website has zero grounding in reality. The perceived threat was from the Al Qaeda affiliated militant group known as Al-Shabaab.  The state department was not the only one to share this threat, my hotel in Nairobi was on full lock down. Cars were not allowed within 200 yards and everyone was thoroughly searched before being allowed to enter the hotel. However one of the most important things in life is new food and I had heard about a restaurant in Nairobi called “The Carnivore”. The restaurant is in the Langata area and is famous for serving huge all you can eat meals. They used to serve highly exotic game meat such as Lion and Elephant but since 2004 have been reduced to serving Zebra, Oryx and other less exciting game animals. I still had to go.

I took a taxi and sat in 2 hours of nighttime Nairobi traffic. Upon arrival at the restaurant I was stopped almost 300 yards from the door. I was patted down and had my bags searched. This procedure was repeated at the front entrance. I ordered the all you can eat meat option. I ended up eating more than any human should ever eat. Once of my general rules in life is: I’m not done eating when I’m full, I’m done eating when I hate myself.  I followed that rule that warm night in Kenya. I ate Oryx, Kudu, Springbok, Zebra, Rabbit, Lamb, Beef, Frogs and about every other animal that Africa can legally offer.
If you are ever in that part of Africa I suggest you ignore the travel warning, get a quick Evisa and pop over the carnivore in Kenya.

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