Essential Packing Items – What you should be packing on every trip.

What are the essential packing items you should bring on every trip?


Passport and Visas – If your visa is separate from your passport don’t forget it

Proof of Vaccines/Insurance – Some countries require proof of yellow fever, some require proof of insurance or funds

Copies – Bring duplicates of Passports, Visas, Insurance Card

Credit Cards – Make sure to alert your bank before travel

Cash – Hide it in different places. Bring plenty


Shirts – It can get colder than you expect, bring a long sleeved shirt unless it’s going to be very hot. Longsleeved shirts are also important in malarial zones. I would recommend this:

Foxfire Thunder River Gear Mens Long Sleeve Cotton Travel Safari Passport Shirt

Sweaters/Jackets – I wear Mountain Hardwear almost everywhere. Nothing holds up like it

Mountain Hardwear Men’s Monkey Man¿ Grid II Hooded Jacket Nightfall Blue 2 Large

Pants – Pockets are good to have, these are excellent

Columbia Men’s Cascades Explorer Pant, Water & Stain Resistant, Sage, Size 34×32

Shorts- If it’s going to be super cold then skip the shorts

Socks – Hiking, Athletic, Cold Weather etc.

Shoes – Plan based on activities, running shoes, heels, boots, etc –

Rain Jacket – This is one you’ll be sorry you don’t have

Mountain Hardwear Men’s Finder Jacket, Altitude Blue, L

Underwear – You can wear pants a few days in a row, don’t do it with underwear

Sunglasses – Protect your eyes, you won’t be getting another pair

Scarf – If I’m going to an arid climate I always bring a scarf

Swimsuit – You never know when you’ll find a pool or lake


Chargers – Don’t forget the camera charger

Battery Pack – You’ll be very glad you have this

Portable Charger Power Bank 24800mAh High Capacity External Battery Smaller Size Lighter Weight Backup Battery Compatible with Smart Phone, Android Phone, Tablet and More

Converter – You’ll need to plug your device into a power source, research converter type beforehand

Camera – My Olympus has been to dozens of countries. It’s been dropped, smashed, thrown, filled with dirt, and passed around by dozens of unwashed children. They are fantastic

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Camera with 14-42mm II R Lens (Silver)

Toiletries (I find that it’s useful to simply think of your daily routine and pack accordingly):

Toothbrush – Don’t forget to use bottled water to brush your teeth in developing nations



Hair products – Dry Shampoo, Regular Shampoo, etc

Other Items:

Toilet Paper – This should be on you at all times, Trust me

First Aid Kit – Band-Aids, etc

Personal Prescriptions – Research what is allowed where you are going, make sure the drugs are in your name

Motion Sickness Meds – Dramamine works wonders and I use it on long rough car rides

Bug Spray – One of the best ways of not getting Malaria is to not get bitten

Laxative/Diarrhea Meds – Yeah you’ll need these at some point

Sunscreen – Don’t get burnt at the start of the trip

Lifestraw – This allows you to essentially drink water from anywhere and not get sick. You need to have this if you’re going to any developing nation. I also would recommend you to give them out as gifts to the locals. For very little money you can provide clean drinking water to someone for over a year. You’ll change someone’s life by doing this. If you have extra room in your bag just throw 10 in there and hand them out. The impact you’ll have is enormous.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness

If you bring these essential packing items you’ll be set for your next trip!

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