How safe is the Dominican Republic?

Just how safe is the Dominican Republic? Does the recent news have you rethinking your vacation to the Dominican Republic? Don’t let it. The Dominican Republic is not at all a dangerous destination. Anyone that tells you otherwise is using emotions and not facts.

Here’s the facts:

In 2017 the Dominican Republic received  5.35 million tourists. Over 2.4 million of those tourists were US citizens. That is a staggering number of tourists. This year there have been 9 tourist deaths on the Island.

Sound scary? It shouldn’t. It means that as a US tourist you have a 1/285,000 chance of dying in the DR.
By comparison, you have a 1/79,746 chance of dying by lightning strike.  You have a 1/1134 chance of drowning.

Want more proof?

You have a 1/84 chance of dying from a car wreck vs a 1/285K chance of dying as an American tourist in the Dominican Republic. This means that by far the most dangerous part of your vacation is going to be the drive to the airport.

What about the tourists that are getting mysteriously ill? That’s called food poisoning. It happens to thousands of people a year in developing nations across the globe. It’s been happening in the Dominican for years as well. It only makes the news now because the news agencies know that scared Americans will click on it. It’s food poisoning.

If you want to worry about something, worry about eating too much at the buffet at your resort. You have a 1/5 chance of dying from a heart related disease. So stop worrying about being murdered in Dominican Republic. It isn’t going to happen.

There are many dangerous places in the world. You should be concerned about going to Libya or Somalia. You shouldn’t be concerned about your posh resort in the Dominican. Don’t let fear control your life.

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