My name is Matt West. I’m an American with a love for international travel. I love to drink wine in Budapest, surf waves in Brazil, and ski in Romania…… but what really drives me and excites me is traveling to the places that most people avoid. Places like Tunisia, Afghanistan, and Egypt during the Arab Spring.  Some of the places I’ll mention on here are relatively tame, like Turkey, Ukraine or Morocco. Some of them are wild and unexplored such as Afghanistan, but my goals for each post remain the same:

1. To share my own travel stories.
2. To encourage others to travel to countries they might not otherwise visit.
3. To help educate others to safely travel in those countries.

As of January of 2018 I’ve been to 55 countries. Over half of those are third world countries and multiple would be considered to be partly or fully conflict zones. Traveling in these countries is not like traveling to Switzerland or Las Vegas. Traveling to them requires extensive planning in order to have a safe trip. My goal is to write posts that help a new or experienced traveler through the process.


Kabul Afghanistan 2017