Recommended Reading

Conflict and Travel Related Reading:

This is probably the best book on Afghanistan. If you can only read one book about Afghanistan this should be it:

I used this to learn Dari. It’s an excellent source:

This one gives tremendous insight into the cultural aspects of life in Afghanistan. You should read this before you go.

More insight into the longest war (Afghanistan) that we have ever fought:

Robert Young Pelton is a war zone master. Learn from him:

This book does a great job explaining the current conflict in the South Sudan:

This one is pretty self explanatory:

An incredibly interesting book by Kevin Sites about his time in Afghanistan:

Kevin Sites is a tremendous journalist. A really great book about conflict:

Arms, Drugs and Human Trafficking. You owe it to yourself to understand what is going on:

If you’re going to travel much you’ll end up in an Islamic country. It’s best to know what the people believe in:

A really entertaining and educational book about our approach to terrorism in Yemen:

Two large terrorist organizations that you should learn more about:

Lighter Reading:

Perhaps one of the most entertaining travel books. This follows the travels of former Monty Python star Michael Palin through North Africa:

An incredible book about Roosevelt traveling down the Amazon and almost dying. Buy this and prepare to not put it down:

No one tells a hunting story like Capstick. Highly entertaining:

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